Nigeria Social Action Camps are part of its programme for Political Education and Mass Mobilisation for Nigeria and has been designed to restore alternative education, build solidarity, and provide skills and tools for political action by Nigeria Citizens. The camps focus on connecting local concerns and actions with national and international trends.

The Camps have been was designed with the following objectives:

  • Improve the political consciousness among activists in Nigerian that would result in forging a critical and active mass of citizens to work for social change.
  • Provide citizens with the skill and tools required to campaign for social change
  • Develop and disseminate ideas about the connections between local concerns such as environmental degradation, poverty and global forces.
  • Provide forum for alternative political education and the exploring of alternatives to neo liberalism
  • Provide alternative framework and spaces for popular education and mobilization in Nigeria

Nigeria Social Actions Camp is the largest annual space for alternative political education, radical thought and social activism in Nigeria. Since 2008, the Camps have trained over 1000 activists and supported several social transformation struggles in Nigeria and globally. The Camp model was conceived in reaction to the vigorous promotion of neo-liberal ideas in the national political economy and the weakening of structures for alternative ideological, historical and political education in the universities, communities and work places occasioned by changes in global and national politics.

The Camps have been organised to provide venue for alternative political education, strategy sessions and debates targeting young people and students, community and labour activists and academics.

Head Office

33, Oromineke Layout, Off Emekuku Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Tel:+234 (0)84 360903
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